Rain Check

Forty one degrees Fahrenheit. No sun all day. The ground was starting to look kind of dry when the spitting mist turned into a drizzle about four in the afternoon. Over by sunset with a north west wind. Pretty clouds as the sun set behind them. Pretty cold too. For the last days of April. Rain on Easter Sunday. Rain the next Sunday. We could have a pattern developing. I’ll keep you informed.

Driving to town today I didn’t see as much corn planted as I saw unplanted fields. So I’m in good company. I think there’s more planted in the two square miles around me than anywhere else I’ve been. One heads we all head. Give somebody a toy and they’re going to play with it. I’m no exception with one farm done. For right or wrong. At least I’m five and a half miles south of I-80 here on Rosewood Road. This morning on the farm show I watch they said north of I-80 the soil temperature was in the forties. Not good for growing corn. With air temps below that it must be going down. It can’t be going up.

When I got home at dusk the cows had herded themselves up into the barn yard down wind sides of the two red barns. They do that when it’s going to snow. For the last couple weeks it’s all I could do to get them to stay near the hay. They want anything but that. I wonder if they know something I don’t. Only morning will tell. I haven’t watched the weather forecasters yet. I know they know more than I do. I don’t know if they know more than the cattle however.

Speaking of good company Mom and I just had a wonderful meal at The Cornstalk. A restaurant in town. After I visited my little sister for a walk I headed in to see Mom. They both live in the same town. Since my birthday is tomorrow Mom asked me if she could take me out for supper. It was a nice surprise. I guess rain can be a good thing after all. So can chocolate chip ice cream. Which brings up the next project. Tools needed ; a bowl, a spoon, a bucket of ice cream (chocolate chip), a place and a time to enjoy it. I think I have what it takes.

Bonn Appetite …….





Today I tried to find Cocreator’s New Blog by searching for The Stay At Gone Mom on Duck Duck Go and eventually had to give up scrolling when the site ran out of scroll to search. No one else seems to be using the phrase so I guess it’s still mine. They suggested trying a lot of other maybe more popular search engines like Yahoo and Google to continue searching. I hit Google and after ten to twelve pages I gave up clicking on new ones. I tried again using a few other of my recurring tag words and had no positive result. Even after I linked it in the search to Cocreator’s New Blog. I retyped only Cocreator’s  New Blog and it popped right out at number one. Beings as it was my first try on Google that surprised me. Right there on top. Already with the tag “Cocreator Ten” attached. How could that be? Had I already been Googled?

Pasture’s have been sprayed. With liquid nitrogen and brush control. Thistle control, etc. If it rains tomorrow like the weathermen er, a, weather forecasters have predictated then the nitrogen will be washed off the grass and into the root zone. As it should be. Of course it always could go around us. It wouldn’t be the first time. It damn sure wouldn’t be the last. If Buffet’s yard didn’t need the rain the Omaha/Council Bluffs area would never get a rain. Good thing ol scrooge is too tight to water his lawn.

Take what we can get when we can get it I guess. We’ll have to take what we can get. That’s the way it goes with reign.