Mr D?

If you’re asking whom I be
I’ll tell you I’m no Mr E
Mr E’s hard to define
Knowing not where to draw the line

Line C-B or line B-A
Mr E will never say
Might be a number not a letter
Mr E may be one better

I’m not saying I’m Mr D
But Mr E is after me
When I sneak in to look around
Mr E trails me into town

When I’m holed up laying low
I’ll tell you Mr E won’t show
No one seems to see what’s true
For that’s what Mr E will do

If you look behind the curtain
Mr E is there for certain
In dark doing what he please
A common trait of Mr E’s

When it’s time to lay the blame
No one knows Mr E’s name
Yet Mr E is always there
No matter how well we prepare

Until were buried in the dirt
Mr E will bring the hurt
Parameters we shan’t discuss
Please tell me is Mr E us