She’s Started!

Plant Eight Teen
I’m calling first farm. The one over west. Thirty six bags of high priced genetics scattered all over hell’s half acre. Eighty something acres done. That’s one sixty plus half acres.  Bean ground. I tweaked up the population a grand. Hope we get the rain. Three fifty of corn on corn to go. One hell & a half acres?                                                                                 Chains?
Then, there



Siege. Steam. Search

Engineering war.

Siege engines were offensive constructs of war. Engineer built outside of a walled city they offered the besiegers a way to remotely batter down the walls and more by catapulting boulders through their girth and over their heights. Allowing access to the besieged.

Steam engines, originally engineered to drive ventilation and pumping for the mining industry, soon drove mobility permitting the evolution of the rolling siege. Plowshare to sword. Coupled with gunpowder the rolling siege made whole chains of walled cities subject to overwhelming force. Allowing access to the besieged.

Search engines were engineered to find data in computerized data banks across a vast networked set of computerized data banks. Coupled with filters and tracking measures these modern day plows have been reforged to become a sword of overwhelming force in today’s information wars. Allowing access to the besieged.




(The Eye Of The Storm)

Satan’s setting sail and the seas are swelling up
Sky’s slung dark and low slipping quickly to the south
Seven sailing souls sharing an overflowing cup
Batten down the hatches with a grimace on their mouth
Solemnly turned to duty drawing sisal ‘cross the lap
Lashed down to the benches concentrating on the row
Treachery through tempest tossed Tormented in the trap
Today and forever wandering the waves of woe