They can hold us up. They hold our pants up. They can be used for bundles. Fascia?. To carry or store stuff in a tight little space. They can be stretched out to sharpen a razor if they are made of leather. They can also denote a territory. An expanse of geography with similar characteristics. Say the corn belt for instance. The bible belt, the rust belt, the sun belt are but a few more examples that come to mind.

One can have a belt of whiskey. Good rye whiskey. One belt’s enough. One can have a belt of berry juice. Probably not a bad idea to chase the belt of rye with a few belts of berry juice. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Just north of the aforementioned bible belt there lies a string of states wherein some lost soles are trying to establish, or think they already have established the devil’s belt.

You can think of it as an old worn out string. Not even a belt actually because a belt needs continuity and the devil only divides. You from your divinity, everyone from each other. But anything naturally occurring here in the divine realm is targeted for imitation in their demonic realm. A reflected imitation like in a mirror. Where it appears as you but in reality it is the exact polar opposite. If The Creator is going to have a belt these jokers are going to have one right alongside. But ? what’s the opposite of a belt …….

So …….
Gird your loins sons. This shit is real!

As always
Then, there.